[AI Supercharges Fentanyl Production And Distribution, Study Finds](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/ai-supercharges-fentanyl-production-and-distribution-study-finds/)
[AI Supercharges Fentanyl Production And Distribution, Study Finds](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/ai-supercharges-fentanyl-production-and-distribution-study-finds/)

We offer a full array of products and services for you to work with and build your Financial Advisory practice. In addition to the investment vehicles and product offerings you are familiar with, we have assembled a suite of services we think will enhance the capabilities of your investment management practice.  Below are just some of the features of our firm.

Independent RIA

We strive to offer choice and flexibility, and our goal is to support your independent Registered Investment Advisory practice to allow you the autonomy to oversee your investment advisory business while also providing you with the necessary supervision and support you need to succeed. WBB Securities will help you to develop and deploy investment strategies that target your goals. We allow you the freedom to choose from a variety of custodians, giving you the options to best serve your clients. At WBB Securities, we support a number of clearing firms including National Financial, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade.

Software & Trading Platforms

We utilize the most powerful, easy to use, and intuitive software systems to operate our firm such as Streetscape by National Financial Services, and Maestro and Repertoire for our accounting and back office. Streetscape is a robust, single point of operation system that will allow you to conduct all of your broker services to manage your clients. You will be able to conduct trading, research, account management, and reporting, all from one workstation.

Internal & External Asset Management

In addition to our internal asset management capabilities, WBB Securities has partnered with a number of external advisory programs that specialize in strategic and tactical portfolio management. Utilizing these relationships allows you to help your clients diversify and achieve their goals while you retain and manage the relationship and receive and grow revenue for the assets under management.

Advisor as Manager

WBB Securities will support you when managing your client assets yourself, providing access to both WRAP and non-WRAP platforms.

Our WRAP account platform leverages the power of Fidelity’s Managed Account Solutions to streamline reporting, create proposals, and manager your clients’ assets through your proprietary modeling or in customized portfolios that you direct.

WBB Securities also supports non-WRAP fee-based business through our Streetscape platform.

Fee-Based Financial Consulting

Your expertise is your most valuable asset, yet it often does not directly generate business revenue. With WBB Securities, you will have the capability to leverage your expertise and financial acumen to generate revenue, allowing you the flexibility of to charge flat rate or hourly project fees based on the demands of the project. This helps you to create value and revenue beyond asset management.

WBB Securities will provide the tools necessary to help not just with your client’s investments, but their overall financial picture. Our suite of financial planning tools, including calculators, reports, and simulations, will compliment your expertise and illustrate your value to your clients.