09.18.2021 | Forbes

By Steve Brozak

Friday’s FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products (VRBPAC) meeting on Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine booster was so problematic as to make a reasonable person wonder whether our vaccine strategy was ever about science. To make it clear, vaccines have played the most positive role in the world’s efforts to address the ever-growing Covid-19 pandemic crisis, but the hearing presentation didn’t even meet the basic technical minimums of a PowerPoint presentation. While some might say this might be placing form over substance, but after multiple VRBPAC hearings and you still can’t even manage basic IT hurdles, how can you ensure intelligent deliberation?

Before discussing the glaring weaknesses of Friday’s meeting, consider the administration’s stumbling August announcement that the booster shots would, with the uncomfortable tacit approval of CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, begin getting into the arms of Americans beginning September 20. For those with a calendar, that’s Monday! For those with a sense of logic, that’s before FDA approval of the Pfizer booster shot and before the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson even submit a request for approval! Using railroad terminology, the booster train left the station without the cars attached and the conductor has not been identified.

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