[New - 7 Covid-19 Realities To Consider In 2023](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/)
[New - 7 Covid-19 Realities To Consider In 2023](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/)
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02.19.2021 | Forbes

By Steve Brozak

During today’s G-7 virtual meetingsPresident Joseph Biden announced the commencement of delivery on $4 Billion in Congressionally approved Covid-19 global aid. These meetings should be viewed as the best hope to begin a real discussion on coordinating plans to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic and rebuild the US and global economies. While many have focused on how the discussions should be directed at the current plans of increased vaccine production, distribution, and administration, it has be much more. If vaccines are the only means the G-7 uses to combat the deadly virus, their efforts will will by definition be too little and too late. While vaccines are important weapons in this war, they cannot guarantee victory. Currently, countries with large populations have limited or no access to vaccines and as such they have predictably become incubators for viral mutation (More than 4,000 variants and counting have been identified). Thus to combat an increasingly resistant, more transmissible, and more deadly virus we must think about therapeutics, not only treat patients, but to also abate the constant reminder that Covid-19’s is the deadly embodiment of why a predictable tomorrow is the stuff that dreams are made of.

To emphasize this point, the problem with vaccines are that they are being used defensively and in the Covid-19 war as with shooting wars, a fixed defense can never triumph. The example from history is the Maginot Line, a failed static defense employed at the beginning of World War 2. It was a French engineered defensive marvel believed to be impregnable, but it ran only partially along France’s eastern front to protect it from Nazi invasion. Since the defenses ended at the Belgian border, the Germans just bypassed it and attacked the fortifications from behind, ending the Battle for France in 26 days.

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