[Lilly’s GLP-1 Direct-To-Consumer Move, Changes The “Game Changer” Game](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/lillys-glp-1-direct-to-consumer-move-changes-the-game-changer-game/)
[Lilly’s GLP-1 Direct-To-Consumer Move, Changes The “Game Changer” Game](https://wbbsec.com/opinions-and-features/lillys-glp-1-direct-to-consumer-move-changes-the-game-changer-game/)
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August 10, 2023

Cranford, NJ– WBB Securities and WBB Research Institute recently sponsored a Demy-Colton Virtual Salon/Webinar on cell therapy and CAR-T technology.  Featured in the Webinar are two of the top physicians/scientists in this field – Drs. Malcolm Brenner and Helen Heslop from the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine.  They describe the current state of CAR-T therapy and ongoing research to enhance CAR-T and off-the-shelf cell therapies that can be used to treat any patient with any type of cancer.

Also participating in this program are the CEOs of two companies on the frontier of developing this new technology – Dr. Juan Vera of Marker Therapeutics (MRKR) and Dr. Mark Frohlich of Indapta Therapeutics.  Both companies are advancing product candidates to enhance the capability of CAR-T and other cell-based cancer therapies.


The Webinar can be viewed at: WBB Research Institute – Beyond CAR-T, What’s Next


About WBB Securities.

WBB Securities is a leading Investment Management, Investment Banking, and Equity Research firm focused primarily on the life sciences niche. Established in 2001 with offices in New Jersey, New York, and California. WBB Securities is registered with the SEC as a broker-dealer, a member of FINRA, and a state-registered investment advisor with a proprietary trading desk. The firm is comprised of a nationwide team of respected senior investment and research professionals serving institutional and high-net-worth clients.



About WBB Research Institute.


The WBB Research Institute is a newly formed, independent, non-ideological, public policy research center fostering and applying specialized knowledge to a diverse range of health issues. The institute’s mission is to inform leaders in commerce, industry, government, and public policy about key issues emerging at the intersection of healthcare and industry.  The Institute presents and publishes seminars, discussions, articles, and studies to better enable leaders from government, media, and other involved interests to both inform the public and improve the quality of our lives.




About Demy-Colton.

Demy Colton is a leader in biotech and life science events, with over 20 years of experience connecting leaders of innovative biotech companies with key stakeholders, investors, and advisors, we create ideal environments to examine and address opportunities and challenges in today’s biotech industry.